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Easter in Vienna

As nature wakes up from it’s winter sleep Vienna becomes an even more exciting city to visit. The rising temperatures mean that it becomes comfortable to spend time outdoors. The good weather allows visitors to discover more of Vienna. After all, green spaces account for more than half of the urban area in Vienna, including 280 imperial parks.

One of the best activities in the Spring is to visit a traditional Easter market. There are several Easter markets in Vienna and each market offers a variety of hand made Easter decorations and artfully decorated eggs, culinary treats and a program of music. If you have time to visit one market only, we recommend that you visit the Schönbrunn Easter Market.

Easter Markets are great fun for children and adults alike. For children markets usually set up separate Easter themed play areas. Easter traditions in Vienna revolve around the Easter rabbit and colorful Easter eggs. It is the Easter rabbit that brings children treats such as colorfully decorated eggs or chocolate treats.A particularly interesting Easter tradition in Vienna is Egg pecking. This is a sort of Easter conkers. Two players take hold an egg each and the knock them against each other. The winner is the player whose egg remains unharmed. The winner gets to claim the losing egg for himself.

For the adults Easter markets provide an opportunity to taste traditional drinks such as Eierlikör, combining egg yolk, spices, sugar and a dark spirit of choice.It is a delicious drink to try on your next Easter Market visit!

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